Bos Bros / VPRO / RO Theater – De Gelaarsde Poes

    • Location: Studio, Amsterdam
    • Broadcast:¬†Januari¬†1 2017

    • Director Stage: Pieter Kramer
    • Director Television: Norbert ter Hall
    • Lighting design:Pelle Herfst- Rapenburg Plaza
    • Producer: Han van der Werff
    • Set Design: Niek Kortekaas / Alwin Monoply

A musical cocktail of metamorphoses, cunning and sharp claws. If miller’s son Jaap loses all what he had, he could only rely on one friend: his Puss in boots. Together they travel through a strange land in search of food and work. By the clever and inimitable strokes of Puss the two gain the confidence of the king and receive a place at court. Is everything as nice as it seems? The princess as sweet as she looks? Can a monster be a mouse? And how many lives has a cat, anyway?

The television adaptation of the theater performance “De Gelaarsde Poes” is January 1, 2017 to see 19:00 on NPO Zapp.