Hofpleintheatre – The ‘Karel Appel’ Wall

    • Location: Hofpleintheatre, Rotterdam
    • Realisation: Autumn 2017

    • Lichtontwerp: Rapenburg Plaza
    • Artist: Karel Appel

In the building of the Hofplein theater is a beautiful piece of art: The ‘Karel Appel’ Wall.
A colorful ‘glass in concrete’ wall that comes to life through intrinsic light during the daytime. Now there is the possibility to let it shine at night as well, a nice scene for a visitor or passerby of the Hofplein.
The ‘Appel’ Wall is therefore a tribute to the square that is now ill illuminated in the evening.


Karel Appel’s characteristic ‘glass-in-concrete’ work of art not only marks the theater’s frontage, but also creates spectacular light in the new public area during the daytime.
The idea for the exposure of this Apple Wall by night is quite simple. Rapenburg wants to illuminate the wall as a whole so that the wall will also radiate from the square.
In addition, we want to highlight some details of the wall. By doing this with spotlights we want to achieve a light fall of colored glass on the ground of the square. This enhances the effect that the glass in concrete can have on the square and by programming a dynamic effect, these details will come to life even more.
Below are some test pictures so you get an idea of ​​what it’s going to be.