Hidrodoe – Herentals, Belgie

    • Location: Hidrodoe, Herentals Belgium
    • Open: autumn 2015

    • Exhibition design: Pronk
    • Décor construction: Heijmerink Wagemakers
    • Lighting design, lighting and show control, AV technology and installation: Rapenburg Plaza
    • AV content: MCW / creative agency

Hidrodoe is the place where young and old can discover the wonderful world of water. With many educational activities and a real river with many water games that are exciting and challenging .
Waterworks company Pidpa will be renovated and shall be a spectacular experience with great role for lighting.

Studio Pronk creates the design for this experience.
Heijmerink Wagemakers will build the exhibits , MCW/creative agency will make the video content and Rapenburg Plaza is responsible for the Lighting design, lighting and show control, AV technology and installation for this exhibition.