Museum Catharijneconvent – Maria

    • Location: Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht
    • Open: February 10, 2017 – August 20, 2017

    • Exhibition design: Kossmann.dejong
    • Lighting design: Rapenburg Plaza

Everyone knows what Maria looks like and will be able to recognize her image. It is also known that she is the mother of Jesus. But about her life we do not know much. Why has she been so popular for centuries? How do they do that? And what does that say about us?

Maria is the first exhibition in the Netherlands which tells her remarkable life story, from Jewish girl to heavenly queen. You get to learn Maria to know and also discover the feelings and emotions it evokes. The exhibition offers a total experience of art, culture, religion and spirituality connected with each other.

Rapenburg Plaza provided the theatrical and the sacral lighting design for this exhibition.